Novel Writing Competitions 2013

© Djuliet

© Djuliet

For an up to date list of competitions, go here:

Entering a writing competition is a great way to get your novel some much needed attention. But not all competitions are created equal. It pays to spend some time searching out the best. Not all prose competitions are worth entering.

The ones I’ve chosen to feature here are a small selection of some of the most prestigious or interesting competitions I’ve come across.

Please be sure to check the websites for more information, submission requirements and deadlines.


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8 thoughts on “Novel Writing Competitions 2013

  1. I’m fourteen, and have written a novel I published myself. But I find it hard to find a novel contest that is for my age… Help?

    • Hi Kayla. You’re right, it’s very hard to find good writing competitions for under 18s or for children’s novels. I don’t think any of the above would be suitable for you, which is a shame. It’s probably just a case of searching online for children’s competitions – they do come up every now and then. I know Mslexia run a competition every other year for a children’s novel – that might be up and running next year, so keep your eyes peeled for that. They don’t appear to have an age restriction.
      If you do find something suitable, good luck! And let me know how you get on. I like your blog – keep up the good work.

      • Thanks for the help! I will look into it. Just so you know, it’s a young adult novel. But its ok. I will keep looking for other competitions!

    • I suggest the Young Movellist of the Year competition, its free to enter, you win £2000 AND a publishing contract with random house :O The best part though, is that it’s only for 13-19 year olds. It’s over for this year, but next year is wide open :)

  2. How very helpful! I was keen to get stuck into doing some competitions, but very soon felt totally floored by the sheer number – and cost. Great to read something to help me decide on a plan, thank you.

    And HUGE best of luck to anyone who goes for them!

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