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Greetings Human!

And welcome to my blog.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring the art and craft, and sheer struggle of writing. Together we will discover how we can support ourselves and the creative process. My aim being better writing through Zen, and with luck, better living too.

But, who am I to make so bold a claim?

My name is Jessica and I’m a writer, musician and sound engineer, astrologer and mystic. Based in Newcastle, born in Brighton, I studied music for 28 years, and it taught me everything I needed to know about life.

I’ve been studying Buddhism for 20 years and sometimes think it’s the only thing in my life that makes sense.

The writing thing is new. Can you tell?

I’m currently working on two screenplays and a novel. In 2008 I won the Euroscript Screen Story Competition with my script This Other Eden, working through many drafts in their excellent development programme with Fenella Greenfield. I’ll be writing about that process in a future post: Birth of a Calling Card Script.

I also run a writer’s group for graduates of the Tyneside Cinema’s Advanced Screenwriting course. We get together once a month to share our work, commiserate and celebrate, and generally egg each other on.

So what can we look forward to in the coming weeks?

There’ll be posts on writing practice, psychology and technique. Look out for my special ‘Playpen Technique’, and how to train the mind using the ‘Puppy Technique’. We’ll have a long hard look at procrastination (well it beats writing), and attempt to explain why normal people think writers are crazy.

We might even do some creative writing.

So I hope you’ll join me on my adventures into the wilds of my (and yours) imagination.

In the meantime, keep writing..



3 thoughts on “Greetings Human!

  1. I’m not sure procrastination is a bad thing – I think it can help the creative process. You need time to let your ideas develop and procrastination allows one part of your brain to keep active while another part develops your ideas. Kipling called it ‘hatching’ and ‘draining’ and it worked for him. The Latin derivation of the word actually means ‘to give unto tomorrow’ so giving yourself some time can be very productive especially if you don’t beat yourself up about it. Lord Chesterfield wrote in 1749 ‘No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today’. That might apply to doing some housework(!)but not to writing…. you may need a day off to do some thinking. Your writing will be all the better for it.


  2. It all helps, Jes, when you do your thing, or should I say when one does one’s thing? However that sounds awfully posh and snooty. Let me explain what I mean.

    I think it helps us all to feel slightly better, when we see others doing their thing, especially when we are doing our thing. Otherwise we may feel terribly guilty and hold back from doing what’s right. That is doing the thing. Doing the thing that you must do, from the core of your being, or from the fact that it must be done, by you and noone else is gonna do it. Express yourself uniquely and you are doing the thing.

    Do the thing I always say. Do what you must do! Do it now, and keep doing it! Recognise restraints and constraints, say hi if you must, and then keep going. Stubborness can be a good thing! Once you get going, keep going and going.

    It’s exhausting procrastinating and so I say just get on with it! Do the thing…

    Love Em X

    P.S. Do it now and keep doing it.



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