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Rastamouse Rocks

Greetings! Wa gwan.

No, I haven’t gone mad. I’ve been watching Rastamouse (Cbeebies 4.40pm weekdays). He’s the coolest mouse in Mouseland, and if you haven’t seen his show yet – Check it out, it’s cris.

BBC/Three Stones Media
BBC/Three Stones Media

Rastamouse plays the guitar in his band Da Easy Crew, along with Scratchy on bass and Zoomer on drums. When they’re not jamming reggae at their studio, Nuff Song, they’re fighting crime and solving mysteries, like who stole all the cheese. Scratchy and Zoomer both wear roller skates and Rastamouse uses a skateboard, so they can glide everywhere and stay cool. (Except when they have to go up hill and keep sliding back down again.)

The language is all a mix of patois and street: “Yo guys” “Hey, me mouse” “You cool?” “This boy is irie man” etc… Don’t try this at home!

Whenever there’s an emergency, President Wensley Dale calls up Rastamouse on a little yellow radio to ask for help, and off they scoot – Easy Crew to the rescue. Wensley Dale feels naked without his tie, always answers the phone with a gruff “Greetings” and never fails to be impressed by Rastamouse’s plans to make a bad ting good. “That plan there sound proper, Rastamouse.”

There’s an orphanage run by Bagga-T (Bagga Trouble, Double G). He’s weighed down in bling and always speaks in rhyme. Bandulu helps him out in the kitchen, cooking cheese pies for the orphans. It hasn’t been explained yet why there are so many orphaned baby mice – there must have been some sort of catastrophe that nobody talks about.


Fats runs the garage and is never without his spanner. Sol runs Cris Trainers where all the mice get their footwear. Little Patch runs the pirate radio station from a boat in the harbour, and Gladstone Brie runs the music festival.

The show is based on the books written by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster, Rastamouse and the Crucial Plan, Rastamouse Da Bag-a Bling, and Rastamouse and the Double-Crossin’ Diva.

It’s aimed at kids but some people think cheese is a euphemism. It’s really not, and every time it’s on my inner child beams and giggles with glee. The show has such a positive vibe. It’s all about redemption, looking for the good in people (or mice) and making a bad thing good. And that’s definitely not dread. It’s wicked.

Ride de Rhythm. Irie man!


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