The Hero’s Journey: Approach the Inmost Cave

Our hero is starting to get used to being in this new world with its special rules. He has made allies and enemies, and is determined to succeed on his mission. At this stage of the journey we’re approaching the main ordeal and the hero must prepare to be tested in serious fashion.

This is where the hero goes all out to get what he wants and may have to prepare carefully. This stage often involves planning, reconnaissance and reorganisation. Or the hero may just storm the gates, march into the dangerous place full of bad guys and demand the object of his quest. This is, in effect, what Thor does.

Thor: Approach the Inmost Cave

Having discovered Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is in a crater in the desert 50 miles out of town, Jane offers to drive Thor to the site. Mjolnir is embedded in the ground and no-one has been able to shift it. S.H.I.E.L.D. have built a complex of offices and equipment around the crater, and are trying to determine what on earth this strange artefact is. The complex is, of course, heavily guarded.

Thor prepares to raise Mjolnir

Thor and Jane approach the crater site at night in a rain storm. The complex is lit up and guards patrol with offensive weapons. Thor declares he will walk in and take Mjolnir, promising to get Jane’s research back too. Jane watches in disbelief as Thor punches, kicks and generally pummels his way through more guards than you can shake a stick at, finally arriving at his goal. He prepares to raise Mjolnir from the ground.

Agent Coulson also watches Thor’s progress and impressed, stops one of the guards from taking him out at the last minute – he wants to see what happens next. Will Thor succeed in reclaiming the symbol of his power? Is he now worthy?

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