The Heroine’s Journey: Resurrection

Our heroine has taken the Road Back to the Ordinary World and must now be resurrected. This stage is about purification and the purging of the past, and it takes us to the climax which requires another death. This is where the heroine must demonstrate what she has learnt.

In the heroine’s journey this stage often involves a release of creativity as the heroine discovers she has power over life and death. She can find a way to make an impact in the world rather than try to rule it.

Jane Eyre’s Resurrection

Jane has just received news of her inheritance but now comes another twist. St John Rivers proposes. He is about to leave for India and wants Jane to accompany him as a missionary’s wife. He says they are fellow souls. Jane doesn’t answer him straight away, she wants to think about it.

Later, while walking on a path near the moor, she meets St John and agrees to go with him to India, but not as his wife. She wants to go as his sister. After telling him her heart is silent, he says he will speak for it, declaring they will marry anyway and enough of love will follow. Jane isn’t impressed by this and refuses; she just wants to be friends and to marry him would kill her. St John becomes angry and demands to know who she loves, telling her to crush that passion. But Jane hears Rochester calling her name over the moors and runs off to find him.

So Jane is finally listening to her heart. On the subject of St John it is silent because he wants to control her. She knows Rochester is her true partner. The past is purged and she runs away to find the man she loves.

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