Shining Ones

Too much of a good thing

Week 2 of the rewrite of my second novel and I’m learning how to focus. After the disappointment of last week, I wanted to dig in and do some serious writing, but oh, the distractions! I’m not talking about that great time vampire, Facebook. No. My nemesis this week was WordPress.

I’d been thinking about the best way to organise all my various writings. On this blog I focus on the ins and outs of writing and the creative process, while the website is for my books and articles about spirituality. I didn’t update the website very often and it ended up neglected. Then I read a very interesting post from Lara Chase which changed everything. The question was: why was I blogging about writing when the potential readers of my books were almost certainly not interested in the mechanics of story structure or how not to get depressed when writing a synopsis. If I wanted to attract readers I needed to blog about stuff they might actually want to read.

So I started publishing more posts on my website. But then had the crazy idea that I should keep the website for ‘professional’ stuff and create another blog for more personal stuff – the ups and downs of the spiritual path. And lo, I had another blog: Jes Dharma. Around the same time I decided my website needed a glossary, but when I brainstormed the words I wanted to define, I realised it needed a whole site to itself. Bang! The Spiritual Glossary was born. Suddenly I had four blogs.

It all seemed a good idea at the time, but I’m not good at plate spinning. Kristen Lamb came to my rescue with a post about social networking and writers which gave me the focus I needed. In a nutshell: you shouldn’t split your professional and personal lives online – it doesn’t work. The decision was made: I imported all my posts from Jes Dharma into my website and rewrote some of the pages. I now have one great hub from which to launch my books on the unsuspecting world.

By the end of the week I was pleasantly surprised to discover I had written 14,037 words. Despite the distractions, I achieved my target of 2,000 words a day, and Facebook was reduced to sending me pitiful emails about what I’ve been missing all week and imploring me to come back.

Not a chance. I have a book to write…



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