Shining Ones

More haste, less speed

Week 3 of the Ascension rewrite and following the distractions of last week, my intention was to power forward and write like a woman possessed. It didn’t turn out as planned and several days passed without a single word being written. There was a lot of thinking and head scratching, but not much writing. So what’s the problem?

Last week I was too concerned with hitting my target word count each day, so lost sight of the whole purpose behind the rewrite: restructuring and general all round improvement. It’s simply not about the numbers at this point. I would like to get the manuscript finished by mid-January, but equally, there’s little point in doing that if it stinks.

Also, I’m exhausted, and pushing against a soul sucking fatigue is never a good recipe for good writing. Sleep has eluded me for months and I’m convinced my brain has been replaced with cold porridge – the kind that sets like concrete and would make an effective mortar. When you find yourself looking up words like ‘mortar’ in a thesaurus you know you’re in trouble.

The solution? Detach from the outcome. Stop worrying about the word count and just write. Oh, and get some damn sleep.

For the record, the word count this week: 7,175 words. At least I’m still moving forward…



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