How to Be Creative in a Mad World: Existing

Do you know you’re alive? It seems like an obvious question. Descartes summed it up in his famous statement, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ There is no way you can doubt your existence because the very fact of your doubt proves it.

Do you appreciate the fact that you are alive, or do you subsist? The tragedy of many lives can be measured in passivity. The mind-numbing routine of work in a soulless office followed by the desperate grasping of distraction and oblivion through television, the pub, computer games, and Facebook.

Stagnation, boredom.

Endless repetition of meaningless activity is not proof of existence. Active engagement with life is.

If you want to be creative you must choose to live consciously.

Existence comes from the Mother

It may be easier to conform, to follow the masses and refuse to think for yourself, but in doing so you put a gun to your head. Either through laziness or fear you refuse the challenge of confronting the reality of being human and being alive, thereby guaranteeing misery and failure.

The creative person will always choose to engage with existence. To bring anything new into existence means giving it attention and committing to giving it life.

Nothing can live fully without consciousness.

What makes you feel alive and fires your passion for existence? Post your inspirations below…  Next time: Loving

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