How to Be Creative in a Mad World: Committing

Committing to living creatively means you care. It’s an investment in yourself, in your future, in the process of creating, and in others.

You are entangled with your inspiration and passions, like two quarks linked across time and space, pulsing with the dance of life.

Failure to commit is a refusal to live consciously or in any meaningful way. It is an admission of defeat and an act of symbolic suicide – a  fundamental denial of life. What’s the point of getting up in the morning if you’re not going to be present in your life?

Commitment means living creatively even when it’s hard, even when you would rather put your head back under the duvet and hide, even when the people with whom you would share your creative juices ignore or reject you. It means learning new skills and practising. It means living outside your comfort zone more or less permanently.

Commitment means taking action on behalf of your inspiration and creativity. It means remaining open to inspiration, incubating ideas and giving your work room to grow and take possession of your life.

How do you commit? Share your conviction below… Next time: Encountering

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