Mind Training with the Puppy Technique

You may find this hard to believe, but your mind is a puppy. Train it well, treat it with respect, and you’ll have a lifetime of devoted service sitting between your ears. Wet nose optional. Let me explain.

Writing is hard work. It’s even harder if you have no control over the most important tool you need in order to write. And no, I don’t mean your pen. I’m talking about your mind. You sit down to write and your mind veers away. It’s almost like the page is made of rubber – you just bounce right off. …

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  1. I got a kick out of this. Thank you muchly. My mind-wolf snuffles occasionally at the forrest edge of my physical senses, shy of the world of humans. She moves as she will and the thought of taming never enters into it. Lest I want to lose my fingers! She is a tolerant but very demanding matriarch.

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  2. Hi. This is very interesting…

    It is quite a beautiful analogy.

    I must be fortunate because I rarely suffer from a lack of concentration. And I’ve never even trained a dog, hehe.

    But as a blog writer, I do have other problems such as the problem of creative block that I have to deal with. My attention span can offer little help there, and probably acts as hindrance. Thinking doesn’t aid thought, however contradictory that may seem.

    I do however know that practice and meditation upon certain thoughts can create useful changes in our way of thinking.

    Train your pup and he’ll remain trained for life. So let’s do the same for our minds.

    Btw, the pups are look great.


    • Hi khalkinised, glad you enjoyed the post. I like seeing the mind as a puppy – so much nicer than seeing it as a monkey!

      Concentration is always a challenge, especially online. There are so many distractions. It helps to have a way to bring your mind back and thinking of your mind as a puppy helps to keep you gentle. When I saw the idea in Jack Kornfield’s book it made me smile and I’ve tried to use it in practice since.

      Happy training! 🙂

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