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A Writer’s Guide to the Creative Process: ebook

This Free Your Pen Writing Guide maps the process of creating a piece of writing, whether a novel, short story or screenplay. It gives you a detailed guide to your own creative process that will help you to start, and then even more importantly, finish your work.

Creative Process ebook
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The e-book explores the creative process in six stages: Wishing, Choosing, Starting, Working, Completing, and Showing, and provides strategies for dealing with the natural anxiety that comes up when you create.

A Writer’s Guide to the Creative Process Contents:

  • Introduction: What is Creativity?
  • Part 1: Nurturing your Creativity
  • Part 2: Choosing the Right Idea
  • Part 3: Starting to Write
  • Part 4: The Trance of Writing
  • Part 5: Finishing your Masterpiece
  • Part 6: Sharing your Masterpiece

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Originally posted as a blog series right here on Free Your Pen, and then updated and rewritten for my website. Inspired by the creativity guide Fearless Creating by Eric Maisel.

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