Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Random Words #1

Here’s a writing exercise to get your pen moving: Five Words in Five Minutes. Take five random words and use them in a piece of writing. You can write anything you like as long as these words are in there somewhere, but you only have 5 minutes to do it.

Here’s five words to get you started (or pick your own!):

  • curved
  • dog
  • mouth
  • bumper
  • rum

Don’t stop to think too hard, just write! Share the results below…

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Random Story #1

For this exercise, pick three random words and then add an emotion. Write for ten minutes and try to incorporate all three words in a way that expresses the emotion without mentioning it by name. Reveal the emotion through the action in the story. Here’s three words and an emotion to start you off:

Flood, Engine, Tortoise, plus the emotion of Joy

Share the results below!

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Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Headline #1

Take a newspaper or magazine headline as the starting point for a piece of writing. You don’t have to write on the subject of the article – just take the headline and run with it, see where you end up. Write for 15 minutes. Choose your own headline, or use this one to get you started:

The Sound that Comes from Nowhere

(from an article on The Atlantic)

Read an example of this exercise on my website: The Handbag of God


Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Opening Lines #1

Take the opening line of a novel and use it as the trigger for a piece of writing. You don’t have to use it in the same way it’s used in the novel – you could go off on a tangent or take it completely out of context if you like. Write for 30 minutes. Choose your own line or use the one below:

“In our different ways, we were all on the verge of nervous breakdowns when the message came through.”

(from In Arcadia by Ben Okri)

Read my version of this exercise here: How a writing exercise seeded The Shining Ones