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A Writer’s Guide to the Creative Process

Creative Process ebookThis guide maps the process of creating a piece of writing, whether a novel, short story or screenplay. It gives you a detailed guide to your own creative process that will help you to start, and then finish your work.

The e-book explores the creative process in six stages and provides strategies for dealing with the natural anxiety that comes up when you create.

Find out more here: A Writer’s Guide to the Creative Process

Read online: The Creative Process series

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The Writer’s Manifesto: from A to Zen

This guide contains 26 inspiring and motivational statements as a reminder to recognise your essential goodness and write from the heart. Staying true to yourself in a world determined to turn you into somebody else – someone smaller – is hard work.

The cool images and inspiring statements in this manifesto will help keep you on track.

Find out more here: Writer’s Manifesto – from A to Zen

Read online: Writer’s Manifesto

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How to Be Creative in a Mad World

How To Be Creative coverThis guide explores the 15 qualities you need to survive in a world gone mad.

Creativity is a state of mind that says YES! to life and runs to meet it with open arms. To be creative you must master yourself and your environment. This guide is designed to inspire and empower you to live a more creative life.

Find out more: How to Be Creative in a Mad World

Read online: How to Be Creative in a Mad World introduction

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These e-books are free to download and share under a Creative Commons Licence – just don’t change them or charge for them.

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