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Abandon Hope and Other Crazy Advice for Writer’s Block

The writing of Free Your Pen was a long a convoluted journey and for a while I thought the book would never be finished. I had wanted to write it for years, but life had other ideas, as life usually does… The book is about how you can release yourself from the blocks that stop… Continue reading Abandon Hope and Other Crazy Advice for Writer’s Block

Lojong Slogans

Slogan 59: Don’t Expect Applause

Don’t expect applause is about not expecting recognition or applause for the things you do. The original slogan is the same and it encourages you to let go of attachment to the outcome, in a similar way to slogan 28. Nobody in their right mind expects applause for practising mind training and meditation. You know… Continue reading Slogan 59: Don’t Expect Applause

Lojong Slogans

Slogan 57: Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t be jealous is about remembering not to be jealous of others. The original slogan is the same and it encourages you to pay attention to how you compare yourself with others, especially when you feel insecure. Jealousy comes from a feeling of not having enough or not being good enough. The more you notice… Continue reading Slogan 57: Don’t Be Jealous

Lojong Slogans

Slogan 56: Don’t Wallow

Don’t wallow is about not letting your darker feelings drag you under, especially when things don’t go your way or your meditation practice becomes more challenging. The original lojong slogan is: Don’t wallow in self-pity, which reminds you not to feel sorry for yourself, no matter what you’re going through. If you’ve been examining and… Continue reading Slogan 56: Don’t Wallow

Lojong Slogans

Slogan 55: Examine and Analyse

Examine and analyse is about examining how you’re doing with your mind training and analysing how you can continue to improve. The original lojong slogan is: Liberate yourself by examining and analysing, and it turns the previous slogan on its head. Instead of dissolving your problems by opening your heart, this slogan asks you to… Continue reading Slogan 55: Examine and Analyse

Lojong Slogans

Slogan 54: Be Wholehearted

Be wholehearted is about overcoming your defences and making a commitment to practice mind training wholeheartedly. The original lojong slogan is: Train wholeheartedly, which means you don’t hold back or avoid feelings or experiences that make you uncomfortable. When you commit to training your mind, you can’t make excuses or look for ways to avoid… Continue reading Slogan 54: Be Wholehearted