Lojong Slogans

Slogan 52: Don’t Misinterpret

Don’t misinterpret is about not misinterpreting the teachings and applying them in ways that mean you don’t really have to change. The original lojong slogan is the same and focuses on six specific qualities that you should avoid misinterpreting (see the book for more). Spiritual practices of all kinds can make you feel good and… Continue reading Slogan 52: Don’t Misinterpret


The Creative Process – Part 6 – Showing

If the creative process has gone well, you should now be ready to share your work in the final stage: SHOWING. The moment of truth! As you work, writing and rewriting, there’s a constant internal pressure to share what you’re doing with others. Especially these days… The rest of this post is on my website:… Continue reading The Creative Process – Part 6 – Showing


How to Deal with Rejection

Writers hate rejection. So does everybody else, but writers and other creative souls will experience more than their share of the dreaded scourge. There aren’t many other occupations that have to deal with such high levels of criticism and sheer indifference. There are many ways to deal with rejection. Getting drunk and gorging yourself on… Continue reading How to Deal with Rejection