Carol Hughes

I’ve just read  ‘Free Your Pen’ and I wanted to say thank you. What a wonderful book! Every slogan made so much sense and meditating on these (esp. practicing Tonglen) has helped so much. My world is transforming. I feel less afraid – yes, even of my most overwhelming projects – the ones my ego bangs on about being (a) brilliant conceptually, (b) far beyond my capabilities to write or (c) insane/non sensical/load of old crap, etc.

All my life I’ve been told ‘you have to get out of your own way’, but no one could explain to me exactly what this meant, or how to do it, or if they could, I couldn’t hear it. I have been so lost, so stuck, and we are talking years here, decades even. I never stopped writing, but somehow my ego found ways for me to procrastinate while actually writing – there’s a kicker. I was forever going in circles and forever fretting about it. Your book and a (new to me) commitment to meditating every day are helping me to understand how to get out of my own way. How to commit to my writing. How to be.

You have given me hope and courage. Thank you.

All good wishes,
Carol Hughes

Via the Contact form on my website on 17th February 2018