How to Use Classic WordPress – Stats

This series covers the basics of how to use Ye Olde WordPress before all the newfangled updates were introduced, such as the Block Editor. In this post we’ll explore the Classic Stats page. You can find this page from the menu on the left side of the screen near the top under Dashboard. Or use this url – just change it to include the name of your blog in the appropriate place:

Note: If you click ‘View All’ under the Stats summary on the dashboard you’ll be taken to the new Stats page, which we’ll look at in a later post. Here’s the Classic Stats page from my main website:

At the top you have a display of the number of Page Views on your blog in the last 30 days, including posts and pages. Below the graph are a series of tallies for the total views for Today, the Best Ever day, and totals for All Time views and comments.

This box has a number of tabs so you can switch between Days, Weeks, and Months. The Summaries link at the top right takes you to a screen which displays all the numbers going back to when you first started the blog. These are arranged in three tables showing: Months and Years, the Average per Day, and Recent Weeks.

Under the graph on the main Stats page are a series of modules which go into more detail. Referrers shows where your traffic is coming from and which search engines people are using to find your site.

Top Posts & Pages shows which posts and pages are getting the most views day by day. If you click on the little graph icon beside the Views number, it takes you to a more detailed breakdown of the visits to that post or page. At the bottom of the box is a link that displays all the post and page views for that day (not shown in image above).

Continuing down the page, under Referrers there’s Search Engine Terms which shows what people are searching to bring them to your site. This can be a useful source of information because it shows the subject areas people are interested in reading about. Unfortunately you often see the annoying phrase ‘Unknown search terms’, which is no help at all. This has something to do with Google’s algorithms and how people enter searches using questions instead of keywords (I think!).

Below the search terms there’s a box showing Totals, Followers & Shares which displays the total number of posts, categories, and tags, plus followers of the blog and those who follow via social media. There are also tabs for Shares, showing which posts have been shared the most, and Spam.

Under Top Posts & Pages there’s a module for Clicks which shows the outgoing links from your blog – these are the links people are clicking to take them away from your site. Any links to other posts on your blog will show up in Top Posts.

Below that is the Comments module which shows who is leaving the most comments and which posts are receiving the most comments.

There’s only one thing missing from the Classic Stats page and that’s a breakdown of Visitors as well as Views. For that you need to visit the new Stats page, which we’ll be looking at later.

Next we’ll explore the Customise page and what you can do with it…

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