Nine Challenges in a Writer’s Life

Life as a writer can be unpredictable and complicated. In his book Living the Writer’s Life, Eric Maisel provides a framework for how to approach the various challenges you may face, using nine words starting with the letter C: Character Each writer is a human being and heir to all the challenges that human beings… Continue reading Nine Challenges in a Writer’s Life

Free Your Pen · Writing

Abandon Hope and Other Crazy Advice for Writer’s Block

The writing of Free Your Pen was a long a convoluted journey and for a while I thought the book would never be finished. I had wanted to write it for years, but life had other ideas, as life usually does… The book is about how you can release yourself from the blocks that stop… Continue reading Abandon Hope and Other Crazy Advice for Writer’s Block


What Does it Take to Be a Writer?

Sometimes it seems everybody wants to be a writer. Mention to your friends that you’re writing a book and you’ll be greeted by a chorus of: “Oh, I wish I could do that, if only I had the time, I’ve got loads of great ideas…” Either that or they want to know if you’re writing about them. As… Continue reading What Does it Take to Be a Writer?


Five Myths about Writing

People have strange ideas about writing. Some of those people are writers. You can understand non-writers being baffled by the whole writing thing: the alchemy of transforming words into a world that transports the reader. From the outside it seems like magic. You open a book and begin to read: the ordinary world fades and into your… Continue reading Five Myths about Writing

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Mind Training with the Puppy Technique

You may find this hard to believe, but your mind is a puppy. Train it well, treat it with respect, and you’ll have a lifetime of devoted service sitting between your ears. Wet nose optional. Let me explain. Writing is hard work. It’s even harder if you have no control over the most important tool… Continue reading Mind Training with the Puppy Technique


How to Deal with Rejection

Writers hate rejection. So does everybody else, but writers and other creative souls will experience more than their share of the dreaded scourge. There aren’t many other occupations that have to deal with such high levels of criticism and sheer indifference. There are many ways to deal with rejection. Getting drunk and gorging yourself on… Continue reading How to Deal with Rejection